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Irrigation in Vancouver

May 12

Are you in Vancouver looking for an exceptional irrigation and sprinkler company? Solid Vancouver Irrigation and Sprinkler offers unparalleled services explicitly tailored toward homeowners and businesses. We provide quality work with customer satisfaction as our priority! 

Reasons to hire us:

  • Team with over 10 years of experience with extensive knowledge in every aspect of irrigation and sprinkler systems
  • On-site consultation is free.
  • Eco-friendly products and services include products and services which promote sustainability.


Experienced Irrigation Services Provided in Greater Vancouver

Vancouver summers require installing irrigation services to maintain the lawn, which is why there is high demand for irrigation installation during spring and summer. Solid Vancouver Irrigation and Sprinkler specializes in commercial and residential irrigation repair, replacement and installation.

As every landscape is unique, we understand you need a tailored solution for your property. We cover everything from lighting your Vancouver landscape to installing and maintaining water sprinkler systems throughout Greater Vancouver.


Keep Your Garden Looking Great All Year Long

We offer irrigation and sprinkler solutions to keep your garden looking its best year-round. Installing an irrigation system will ensure your plants receive enough water while establishing a sprinkler will ensure your entire garden gets enough. 

Solid Vancouver Irrigation and Sprinkler is dedicated to providing our customers with exceptional irrigation setups. 


Why Do You Need Irrigation Services in Greater Vancouver?

Greater Vancouver can experience long, dry summers requiring proper lawn sprinkler systems to protect your grass from dying. However, if you choose the appropriate irrigation system, a lush and green lawn can remain throughout summer no matter how hot.

An attractive lawn makes your home appear more inviting.

Contact Our Experts Today:

Solid Vancouver Irrigation and Sprinkler specializes in installing irrigation systems on both commercial and residential properties. We are skilled in designing then installing an irrigation solution that will be perfect for your home.

Reach out to us today to learn more about our sprinkler system services!

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