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How to Design the Perfect Home for Your Narrow Block

Jan 5

These days, as the average land size in new developments is getting smaller, narrow blocks are becoming more common. And while a narrow block does present some space and design challenges, with the right floor plan and features, you can build a new home you love without compromise.

So if you’ve found your ideal block but you’re concerned about the width, read on to discover our top design tips to help you build a modular home you love on a narrow block.


Right Floor Plan


While it’s possible to customise just about any floor plan you like to suit a narrow block, you can save yourself time and additional expense by choosing a design that has the dimensions and layout that are suited to narrow land.

A good example, would be the 2-bedroom Beaumaris design – with an attractive frontage of just 5.1m (excluding the optional decking), it has street appeal and makes great use of space. If you’re looking for something larger, the Shoreham 14 is well-suited, with frontage dimensions of 8.75m (excluding optional deck). It also includes a portico at the entrance and a range of façade options to suit your style.

High Ceilings


If your design is long and narrow, the inclusion of features such as high ceilings can add a sense of space and light. Combined with a bright, neutral colour scheme and uncluttered furnishings it makes a huge difference to the look and feel of your home.

The popular cubehaus façade allows for 9ft ceilings throughout (as seen in our Four-bedroom Rye project) which gives your home a spacious and luxurious feel. The gable, split skillion and single skillion façades allow for raked ceilings, which adds space, light and visual interest to your interior, as shown in our Shoreham 14 display home.

Clever Use of Space


If you’re working with a compact design and block, making the most of available space is a must. With clever use of space, you can achieve a design that fits your narrow block and includes all the modern features you’d expect in a new home.

Our Suburban display home illustrates this perfectly, as it includes space savers like a European laundry and a single-wall kitchen which really opens up the living space.

Lots of Natural Light


There’s nothing like natural light to add space and a modern, relaxed feel to your home and it can make all the difference to a compact or narrow design. Including plenty of well-positioned windows is important, especially in the living zone.

This is shown to great effect in our Marysville project, where the combination of picture windows above and large windows and sliding doors below, bring in ample natural light which really elevates the space and brings the outdoors in.

Make Your Narrow Block Work

Getting the above design elements right means you can build your dream home on a narrow block without compromise. By working with your designer to select the best floor plan, focusing on maximising space and including the features that count will result in a home you love that’s the perfect fit for your narrow land.

Over to You

Do you have a question we haven’t covered about building on a narrow block? We’d love to hear it! Simply post a comment below or get in touch with our team to discuss your project.