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EZ Exit Now - Timeshare Cancellation Reviews

Sep 28

Review of EZ Exit Now - Timeshare Cancellation

EZ Exit Now, situated in Houston, Texas, is a "faith-based" timeshare exit firm that helps timeshare owners get rid of their undesirable timeshare. The company's CEOs are Dan and Kristin Cobb, and it is also known as Paragon International.

EZ Exit Now’s Website

There is a lot of information on the company's website, so there is a lot to take in. We also noticed that the website domain name ends, which is often designated for non-profit organizations. The website also states that they are a faith-based organization and that they frequently utilize extension. The firm is unquestionably "for profit," and it is registered as a corporation with the Better Business Bureau. This is unimportant; yet, we wanted to convey our remark because it may be perplexing to a new reader.

After we finished our initial observations, we went straight to the "About Us" page. If you've read our prior evaluations, you'll note that we like to start with who, what, and why so we can have a better knowledge of the organization and the individuals involved. You'll discover the heart of the "About Us" content when you get past the first two lines, which briefly detail the services the firm provides. The firm is described in a few paragraphs as follows:

  • Faith-Based Civic-Minded Veteran Employer
  • Affiliated with the Better Business Bureau, Christians in Business, the Texas Association of Business, and the United States Chamber of Commerce.
  • The squad is very committed in the local community and has assisted in the Hurricane Harvey and Irma cleaning operations.

While all of this information is excellent and demonstrates that the organization has principles. Unfortunately, there are no images, titles, or names on the page, so we don't know who the "team" is. We know nothing about them except that they are wonderful folks.

Links to two more sites are also included in the top navigation under the "About Us" section. One that discusses how to get out of your timeshare. The other website, named "Timeshare Scams," contains a little film that is really a promotional for the firm.

The page has a wealth of useful information, ranging from an explanation of what a timeshare is to how timeshare fraudsters work, which may sound all too familiar to our readers.

The "Services" page was the next portion of the company's website we examined, where we watched a video of a watermelon exploding while dramatic music played and the text "Hit Your Timeshare with the Power of EZ Exit Now" came on the screen.

Interesting and a little odd.

After you get beyond the video, the page is replete with further instructional information that states that the firm is not a listing or transfer company and that they "always come through for their clients even if it costs them money."

"We always come through for our customers, even if it costs us money in the end." We truly care about them, and it shows in the job we do for them." EZ Exit

The process is described in 3 easy steps:

  1. Initial meeting and option discussion.
  2. Sign and submit the necessary documents.
  3. Make a decision and confirm your cancellation.

We couldn't locate any information on "how" or comprehensive processes the firm takes to complete a timeshare cancellation, however we did find verbiage stating that the company "provides reputable liquidation services" and does not offer listing or transfer services.

The corporation gives links on the "Exit-Timeshare" website for how to cancel with certain timeshares and in specific states. Some of the information may not apply to you if you have a contract with a timeshare that is not listed, but we still recommend that you contact the business if you want to evaluate their services because each case is unique, so consider the information as recommendations. We also notice no evidence that the firm exclusively deals with the timeshares indicated on the "Exit-Timeshare" page.

The "Testimonials" page, like the others, is jam-packed with information. The top part only connects to TrustPilot reviews; there are no links to BBB, Google, or Yelp evaluations.

In addition to certain TrustPilot evaluations, there are taped conversations in which Dan Cobb, President and CEO of EZ Exit Now, telephones clients to advise them that they have successfully "out" of their contracts. The calls are referred to by the corporation as the last stage or the "Woo Hoo" celebration call. Dan states multiple times in the recordings that the clients were "out of their timeshare" as soon as the paperwork was signed or when "Dewey" or "Raymond" departed the client's house, and the corporation still had to "clear the paperwork" at the county and resort levels. Dan has a preference for personally calling his clients once the contract has been ended. The conversations usually finish with Dan asking for a brief sound bite about whether the previous client recommends EZ Exit Now. They were endorsing the company in the tapes we heard.

The website also includes a page dedicated to "Videos," which appear to be content from various news sources rather than EZ Exodus Now's own content, in addition to the typical "Dave Ramsey" video that we have seen on other timeshare exit websites. There are connections to the company's social media platforms, including YouTube, in the upper right corner of the page.

When compared to other timeshare company websites, this one provides the most helpful material. We recommend that you go through their content to get greater knowledge and a better understanding of your individual circumstance.

We were able to find a LinkedIn page for Kristin Cobb but not one for Dan Cobb in terms of an online presence outside of the company website. There is no more information on who could work for the firm, nor does the company have a Glassdoor.Com profile.


EZ Exit Now Reviews

The majority of EZ Exit Now "off-site" ratings are favorable, however we have seen a steady increase in disappointed clients since our last review.

The company's Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating has dropped a couple of stars since our last evaluation on 1/26/2019. In 2019, the firm had a "A+" 5 (out of 5) star BBB rating, but today it has a 3.22 (out of 5) rating, 9 reviews, and 7 customer complaints. The most recent evaluation was in April 2020, and the firm still has an A+ rating.

How Long is the EZ Exit Process Now?

While no precise period is given on the website, we did hear Dan Cobb indicate in one of the audio recordings under "Testimonials" that the quickest time the organization was able to get someone out of their timeshare was roughly 60 days, with the average length being 90 days. According to the Trust Pilot evaluation, the case took more than two years, although we do not know the facts. According to certain reviewers, the whole length "took longer than expected." Leticia, who left a review on BBB, stated that the procedure took around a week.

EZ Exit Now Cost for Services

The fee of EZ Exit Now, like that of other timeshare exit providers, is not posted on the web. This is owing to the personalised nature of the services provided by timeshare exit providers. Because there are so many variables involved in canceling a timeshare, most timeshare departure business costs vary on a case-by-case basis. The reviewer on TrustPilot indicates a cost of around $6,100, although other reviews' assertions are general and ambiguous, merely stating, "spent a lot of money." We urge our visitors to read reviews because you may occasionally uncover amazing "nuggets" of information about the firm that you won't find on the company's website.

Furthermore, according to a review on the BBB website and another on TrustPilot, EZ Exit Now will pay for all maintenance payments while the contract is being terminated.

Of course, any precise cost mentioned in a review should be referred to as a guideline rather than an exact cost.

EZ Exit Now’s 100% Satisfaction Guarantee & Concluding Thoughts

We couldn't find any text on the company's website that promised a "100% Money Back Guarantee" or a "100% Satisfaction Guarantee." However, it is implied in some of the reviews and a quote on the company site states, "We always come through for our clients, even if it ends up costing us money in the end," which leads up to believe the company offers a type of refund if the company is unable to provide services or is not successful, and the company also charges customers up-front fees for their timeshare contract cancellation service.

While EZ Exit Now looks to be credible, we prefer timeshare exit firms that offer an escrow payment option, which means that the exit company is not paid in full until the timeshare is cancelled. No funds are issued to the timeshare exit firm until the client's timeshare contract is successfully terminated. Learn more about escrow and why it is important here.

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